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Vendor Center

Every year our students are allocated Instructional Funds for their academic and extracurricular activities. These funds can be used for an array of personalized learning options such as fine arts courses, music classes, tutoring, supplies, technology, supplemental education materials, and much more.

All student orders using Instructional Funds must be secular and are approved by the student’s teacher and our Enrichment Department before the orders are placed by the school.

We hope you would like to offer your products and/or services by partnering with us as an approved vendor.

All prospective vendors need to be approved by our Vendor Support Team.

We have two types of vendors:

Approved Vendor information is displayed on Enrichment Ordering System (EOS) where families can search for specific vendors and place their order requests.

Vendor Onboarding

Being a vendor with Inspire Charter Schools is a great way to offer your products and services to the homeschool community. Our Enrichment Ordering System already features over 5,000 approved vendors. We have many students located throughout California who are anxious to explore new adventures with our approved vendors.

Interested in becoming a vendor? The application process is quick and easy. Click on the following link to get started!

Vendor Application Survey

Once the survey is complete you will receive an email from our Vendor Support Team with the information and forms required for approval, which typically takes 2-3 business days.

The vendor packet includes the following:

  • Welcome Letter
  • Vendor Benefits Flyer
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • LiveScan Form (fingerprint background check)
  • W-9 Form
  • Additional information may be requested, as needed

Find answers to frequently asked vendor questions (FAQ) here.

Vendor Invoicing

Vendors may submit an invoice upon receipt of the Enrichment Certificate from the family and after the student has completed services.

For our vendors’ convenience, we provide an invoice template; this template includes all of the required information we need in order to process an invoice. Alternatively, vendors may use their own template, but please note all invoices must have the following information, clearly legible:

For faster processing, we prefer invoices be submitted via email to whenever possible. However, invoices may also be submitted via fax or US mail. Our service vendors are paid within 30 days from the date the invoice is received.

If any questions or concerns arise regarding an invoice or payment for an invoice, please contact our Vendor Invoicing Team for assistance.

(626) 317-0112

Vendor FAQ

Find answers to additional frequently asked questions (FAQ) here.

Does it cost anything to become a vendor?

Inspire Charter Schools does not charge an application fee to become a vendor. Please keep in mind that we do require our vendors to be LiveScanned and/or background checked.

Inspire does not cover the cost of LiveScan and or background checks. The fees for LiveScan and/or background checks must be covered by the vendor.

What is LiveScan?

LiveScan is the Department of Justice fingerprinting background check system. The State of CA requires all of our employees and vendors to have cleared a LiveScan background check in order to work directly with our students.

Do I need to submit a TB test?

No. Since vendors are not providing services at an Inspire facility, a TB test is not required.

Is there a deadline to apply to become a vendor?

No, we do not have a deadline for approving vendors - we offer year-round services for our students.

What if one of my employees leaves/quits or I hire a new employee?

We understand that employees may come and go. You do not need to report when an employees leaves. However, you must provide background check information on all new employees who will be working directly with our students. Please contact our Vendor Support Team for further information -

I’m an approved vendor, how do I change my contact information?

Please submit contact changes to

What is an Enrichment Certificate?

An Enrichment Certificate is a certificate provided to our families as a pre-approved, guarantee of payment from Inspire for services they have requested for our approved vendors.

Vendors must receive the certificate from the family prior to the services being provided (or at the time the services are scheduled) and must have the certificate number prior to submitting an invoice for payment.

How are Enrichment Certificates issued?

Families submit their order requests online to Inspire’s Enrichment Ordering System. Once the order request has been reviewed, approved, and processed, the certificate is emailed to the family.

As a courtesy, vendors are copied on the email confirmations. However, the family must confirm/schedule the services with the vendor and provide a copy of the certificate before an invoice can be submitted for the services.

What do I do if I receive an Enrichment Certificate with the wrong amount or length of service?

Please notify the family of the error. The family will need to contact our Enrichment Department to request a revised certificate for the correct amount and/or length of service.

Vendors may not invoice for more than the approved amount of the Enrichment Certificate.

When can I submit my invoices?

You may submit an invoice upon receipt of the Enrichment Certificate from the family and after the student has completed services.

May I invoice for multiple students on the same invoice?

Yes! You may submit one invoice with multiple students. However, please remember to provide the Enrichment Certificate number, dates and description of service for each individual student listed on the invoice.

Where do I submit my invoices?

Please submit your invoices via email to

What is the turnaround time for a payment from Inspire Charter Schools?

All of our service vendors are paid within 30 days of the invoice being received.

How do I know if my invoice was accepted?

The Vendor Invoicing Team will reply to the original email acknowledging the invoice has been received and processed.

What if I don’t receive my payment?

If you do not receive payment 30 days from the date the invoice was submitted, please contact our Vendor Invoicing Team for assistance - or (626) 317-0112.

Can I increase my rates during the school year?

You cannot increase rates on services you are currently rendering to our students for which you have accepted an Enrichment Certificate. You may increase your rates at the end of the agreed-upon services and notify the family accordingly.