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Megan Lynch

Megan Lynch

Inspire Student
Grade: 11
Joined Inspire in 2018
Region: Orange County

Young Marine SgtMaj Megan Lynch joined the Young Marines program in 2012 at just nine years old. In her seven years in the program she has attended three leadership schools, and has used this experience to then teach others at many leadership schools. She graduated second in her class of 50 at Advanced Leadership School (ALS), which lead to her involvement with the Young Marine Symposium. Through this and many other leadership opportunities, Megan has found a love for teaching others. YM SgtMaj Lynch was named National Young Marine of the Year in May 2019.

These experiences have helped her to develop skills to teach different age levels, learning styles, and under various circumstances. Teaching doesn't always happen in a classroom and doesn't always involve book work in the Young Marines program. Often times teaching is taking place in the field during Close Order Drill, team building activities, map and compass courses, and more. It is a unique setting that requires flexibility and patience, necessary traits of a good teacher. YM SgtMaj Lynch's goals are to attend Biola University, obtain her teaching degree, and teach within the Department of Defense Education Activity (DODEA) system.