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Hannah Sarah Snow

Hannah & Sarah Snow

Inspire Students
Grade: 10
Joined Inspire in 2017
Region: Central Coast

We have been singing since we were two years old as members of children’s choirs, and our passion for music has continued to grow over the years. We co-write original music together and are involved in youth theater.

We want to thank Inspire for allowing us to take voice lessons with an amazing vendor. Our voice teacher encouraged them to audition for the American Protege competition. After submitting a video of us singing a duet, we were selected to sing a duet together at Carnegie Hall in New York City in December 2018.

We are so incredibly thankful for Inspire and the incredible extra-curricular activities that we are allowed to do with our Instructional Funds such as our voice lessons.

Snow  Hannah   Sarah 1
Snow  Hannah   Sarah 2