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Olivia  Presley   Gracie

Baton Twirlers

Twirling High Above Expectations

Three students in the High Desert area are thankful for the schedule flexibility and enrichment funding Inspire Charter Schools provides as they pursue their love for baton twirling. These girls have put hundreds of hours into learning routines, practicing, and performing for both entertainment and competitions. The sky is the limit for these girls when it comes to twirling!

The role that Inspire has had in allowing the opportunity for these girls to twirl has been amazing. It is difficult for the girls to practice in the late afternoon as the local area is too windy to successfully practice baton twirling. It is an outside sport, and morning hours are great to practice, as there is very little wind. Homeschooling allows the students to baton twirl in the morning and work on their academic studies throughout the day. The flexibility of homeschooling allows the girls to take private lessons during the day also.

It has been the best of both worlds for the girls. They are able to achieve academic success on their own learning time while being able to balance their homework with their passions. Receiving several medals and awards so far for their twirling, the girls have high expectations when it comes to academics and twirling competitively.

This is just another reason why Inspire's unique homeschooling options are so wonderful for families like ours.

Olivia Espino

Grade: 7
Joined Inspire in 2019

Olivia started twirling in 2017 at age 10. Since the beginning, she has performed on stage, in parades, and competitively. Last year, she won Miss Majorette for her age division. Her most recent wins include two 1st place trophies in “X Strut” and “Show Twirl” events. Olivia plans to continue twirling into college.

Presley Iddings

Grade: 3
Joined Inspire in 2018

Presley started twirling in 2017, one week after her sixth birthday. Presley loves baton twirling. She has performed at Knott's Berry Farm, in several parades, and in different competitions. Her most recent wins include 1st place in “Best Show,” and 2nd place in “Solo Twirl.” Presley loves twirling and plans to teach it someday.

Gracie Iddings

Grade: Kindergarten
Joined Inspire in 2019

Gracie has been twirling less than 2 months now but has been watching her big sister, Presley, twirl for the last 2 years. Since starting baton classes, Gracie has performed in a parade and finished 2nd place in “Basic Strut” giving her a trophy at her very first competition. Gracie's favorite part about baton twirling besides that it's “fun,” is being part of a team!