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Abigail Murray

Inspire Student
Grade: 3
Joined Inspire in 2017
Region: San Diego

My daughter, Abigail, started her education journey in public school and loved every minute of it. She made friends with students of all grade levels and the staff loved her because she would include everyone and would help shy students come out of their shell. Between the Thanksgiving holiday of her Kindergarten year to Valentine’s Day, she lost nine people that were prominent in her life. As a result, Abigail came down with a serious case of anxiety and began having extreme panic attacks. She was so stressed out she was making herself sick which led to a lot of missed days at school. All of this led me to reach out to a friend who had homeschooled her son and she referred us to Inspire.

After we registered with Inspire, we were assigned a Homeschool Teacher that would help guide our family and also keep us accountable on Abi’s studies. She contacted us immediately and made herself available every day while we were adjusting and helped pick a learning path that would help Abi feel comfortable and excited to engage. She even drove out to our area and met us at a Starbucks a block from our house. Abi took to her Homeschool Teacher right away.

Abi developed a love of horses from a trip to the local rodeo, so we got involved with a horseback riding vendor. On her first trip to the horseback riding vendor’s ranch, Abi walked up to the first horse she saw, leaned over the stall, and wrapped her in a hug. Abi has learned so much more than just how to ride a horse―she has learned about the responsibilities of running a ranch. She has participated in cleaning up the ranch, painting jumps, mucking stalls, grooming animals, organizing the tack room and most recently rounding up animals who escaped their stalls. She has also been able to attend horse shows and spend a day riding on the beach.

Abigail has been involved in ballet since the age of two. Her dance studio is a vendor for Inspire and promotes involvement in the community. She has performed at the Del Mar Fair and for kids and their families at Children’s hospital.

Through her horseback riding, performing with her dance studio, and interacting with her peers at events, Abi has slowly begun to heal from her loss and regain her confidence. These are just a few reasons why we love our school and will be forever grateful for the opportunities it has provided us. None of this would have been possible without Inspire.

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